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It's been a long time but iMASSAGE has a massive new update. Updates for iMASSAGE have been going on in the background for a long time but never updated on With the new rebranding of TWS to Takeover Studios, iMASSAGE Gold Edition will receive updates when they are ready.

In saying that, here is the huge update history of iMASSAGE!

Patch v3.04


  • Steam Release! - iMASSAGE Gold Edition comes to Steam!
  • Save Game Data Name Change - Since the name has changed that will reset iMASSAGE to its default state. This should not be changed again so this should be the only time. 
  • Updated Tips/Text - Updated wording to hopefully make things clearer on how things work. 
  • Takeover Studios - New name means new updated links to all socials and everything else Takeover Studios!
  • Updated Splash Screen - Updated with new names and logos. 

Patch v3.04


  • Steering Wheel Support - It's back! Take control of your steering wheel like you never have before. Works with all vibration patterns and strengths. The steering wheel is now automatically detected, no need to enable anything. (Logitech G920 & G29 have been tested and working, other steering wheels may work) 
  • Manual Massage - Take even more control of how you vibe. Manual Massage allows you to hold a button to massage instead of using the standard toggle function. 
  • Shuffle Patterns - Mix up your vibrations with the Shuffle Patterns toggle. Shuffle Patterns will randomly pick 1/30 vibration patterns to massage to, then change to a different pattern after a certain amount of time. Take even more control by determining how often you want to shuffle patterns too! 
  • Tips Section - Tips have been updated for ease of use and to find what you want quickly. Tips section has been updated with all the new features this update brings too!
  • Updated UI/UX - Text style, size and placement has been adjusted, updated default controls, video settings drop down colours updated, settings section buttons layout and background updated & updates to the title/sub title for easier readability. 
  • Demo Updates - As the demo only supports 1 gamepad, the demo has been updated to handle multiple gamepads better. You no longer need to restart iMASSAGE Gold Edition Demo if you have more than 1 gamepad connected. If you plug and unplug multiple gamepads, it will recognise only one gamepad correctly and will allow you to use it with out having to restart. Demo also has received the UI/UX and Tips section update. 

Patch v3.03


  • 7 New Offset Patterns - These new Offset patterns allow your gamepads vibration motors to function independently, meaning each motor will have its own pattern. There is 5 premade Offset patterns, 1 random Offset pattern & a new Offset custom pattern allowing you to control the pattern of each motor to create new and unique vibration patterns! 
  • Clickable Indicators - Indicators under the Strength, Motor Selection & Pattern are now clickable with the mouse allowing you to select what you wan even easier!
  • Tips Updated - Tips section has been updated with info on Offset patterns and Indicators. 
  • Demo Updates - Updates have been made to the demo including a new demo info button & vibration timers.  
  • New Startup Tip - New startup tip informing you to please turn off Steam Input for iMASSAGE Gold Edition (Steam Input can really affect iMASSAGE to the point of the whole app not working.)
  • DISABLE STEAM INPUT - From your Steam Library > Right Click iMASSAGE Gold Edition > Properties >Controller > From the dropdown, select "Disable Steam Input"

Patch v3.02


  • Updated Video Settings - New Vsync options, framerate cap and reset video settings.  Resolution and full screen issues have been fixed. All video settings should now work correctly and save correctly too.  
  • Accessibilities Colour Alpha - Colours for the background, text, buttons, toggles & switches alpha property now saves and loads correctly.
  • Fixed "Button Colour" Issue - Changing the button colour now works correctly, changing the colour of buttons, toggles & switches. To apply this colour to all buttons, toggles & switches in the app the app needs to be restarted. This can now also be done with the restart button under the button colour switch. 
  • UX Improvements - Changed name of "Mode" to "Motor Selection" and from "1","2","3" to "Both", "Low" & "High". Strengths "1" & "10", now named "1 (Lowest)" & "10 (Highest)", Patterns 1, 21 & 22 now named 1 (Continuous), 21 (Once Random) & 22 (Always Random). This should make things a bit clearer while in use. 
  • Tips Section- Added to the settings screen. Will allow the user to read up on things in iMASSAGE that may need more clarification on what they do. 
  • Layout/Sizing of Settings - Sizing and layout of settings pages has been changed for ease of use including updated fonts. 

Patch v3.01


Patch v3.0 Gold Edition & Complete Rebuild


  • Entirely new rebuilt and redesigned backend to run iMASSAGE and its features
  • Improved stability - Less bugs & crashes
  • Improved gamepad responsiveness
  • Improved multi gamepad compatibility
  • Improved button/toggle animations
  • Improved UI layout
  • Improved user experience
  • Improved gamepad cursor
  • New rebuilt Accessibility options
  • New rebuilt Video settings
  • Completely new save system
  • Updated and improved controls
  • Improved multi gamepad support
  • Improved PS4 Gamepad Integration - Light colour, light modes & battery indicator. 
  • Improved gamepad recognition
  • Improved onscreen Strength, Pattern and Mode selectors
  • Improved onscreen gamepad/player selection
  • Steam achievements & Steering Wheel Support are currently disabled.

Patch v2.52 (Bug Fixes)


  • Accessibility bug fixes
  • Spelling corrections
  • Removed outdated tabs in "Troubleshooting"

Patch v2.51 (Small QoL)


  • Default Game State button
  • Steam Discussions button
  • Updated gamepad lock onscreen controls integration

Patch v2.5 (Major End of Year)


  • Steering Wheel Support (Windows only)
  • 3 New Vibration Patterns (23 total vibration patterns)
  • Accessibility Options
  • Gamepad Remapping
  • Steam Achievements

Patch v2.2


  • Full gamepad support
  • Minor alterations for Steam release

Visual Improvements, Layout & Controls v2.1


  • New look - new UI elements.
  • Improved Menus - new video options, information, controls and bugs & troubleshooting.
  • Menu layout adjustments
  • Loading screen - Added to help improve the initial load of important features of the app.
  • Gamepad controls change - Improve usability and control of gamepad.

iMASSAGE Ultimate Edition v2.0


  • All new input system
  • Wireless gamepad support
  • 10 simultaneous gamepad support
  • Extended gamepad compatibility
  • True always on vibration
  • Minimised gameplay
  • PS4 battery indicator
  • PS4 lightbar flash integration
  • Gamepad name recognition
  • 10 vibration strengths
  • Linux Support
  • Onscreen controls
  • Simplified display


iMASSAGE Gold Edition Demo Windows v3.05 78 MB
Jul 20, 2021
iMASSAGE Gold Edition Demo MacOS v3.05 78 MB
Jul 20, 2021
iMASSAGE Gold Edition Demo Linux v3.05 80 MB
Jul 20, 2021
iMASSAGE Gold Edition Windows v3.05 78 MB
Jul 20, 2021
iMASSAGE Gold Edition MacOS v3.05 78 MB
Jul 20, 2021
iMASSAGE Gold Edition Linux v3.05 80 MB
Jul 20, 2021

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