iMASSAGE v3.09c Update (& v3.05 - v3.09b)

iMASSAGE Gold Edition v3.09c is live!

This is a huge update that brings iMASSAGE Gold Edition fully up to date and now includes a Steam Key with your purchase!

iMASSAGE Gold Edition is now an alteration to the popular iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition, made safe and available for everyone!

Below will be a list of all updates, features and improvements that are now available in iMASSAGE Gold Edition v3.09c!

Patch v3.09c


  • iMASSAGE Text Fix  - iMASSAGE text has been fixed, no longer showing it is a "demo"

Patch v3.09b


  • iMASSAGE Updates  - Fixes to the iMASSAGE Gold Edition link on the DLC page fixed and updated & fixed version text
  • MacOS Video Fixes  - Fixes to how videos are accessed across all platforms. MacOS updated and working correctly.

Patch v3.09a


  • Backend Localization Errors  - Fixed backend Localization errors that could cause issues.
  • Pattern Save Text  - Some Localized languages of the Patten Save text were showing boxes, that has now been fixed.

Patch v3.09


  • Save Custom Patterns  - You now have the ability to save up to 5 custom patterns for both the regular and offset custom patterns!
  • Latest Unity Build  - iVIBRATE has been updated to the latest Unity build, allowing for better support and newer features.
  • Updated Backend  - Rewired has been updated to the latest version allowing for better compatibility, support and less issues! Save system has also been updated.
  • Language bug fix  - The way languages are handled has been rewritten for less issues including the bug that defaulted language to Greek. Languages now all work correctly and have a new look too.
  • Updated Builds for all platforms  - MacOS builds are 64 bit and will now work in mono for Intel64 as well as Apple Silicon. Windows & Linux builds are 64 bit using IL2CPP.
  • iMASSAGE Conversion DLC (Coming soon)  - iMASSAGE Conversion DLC transforms iVIBRATE to it's non adult state that was made popular outside of Steam. This is a visual conversion and does not change the core aspects of iVIBRATE.
  • Backend error fixes  - Backend errors if the user did not have some DLC has been fixed.
  • Demo Update  - Demo has been updated to reflect these updates.

Patch v3.08c


  • MacOS DLC Bug Fix  - MacOS DLC bug is fixed, DLC will now be found and load correctly.
  • More Manual Vibration Buttons  - Manual Vibration buttons have been increased from 2 to 12. These are optional buttons that can be mapped via the Remap Controls screen.

Patch v3.08b & v3.08a


  • Vibrate button/Gamepad Button Fix for MacOS/Linux  - Fixed issue that was preventing the Vibrate button on screen and gamepad from working.
  • MacOS 64-bit  - iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition has been updated to 64-bit for MacOS, allowing it to work on the latest MacOS's.
  • Steering Wheel Support Update  - Steering Wheel support backend has had minor adjustments to not interfere with MacOS/Linux versions.

Patch v3.08


  • 29 Localized Languages  - All languages supported by Steam are now localized in iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition! All languages other than English were translated with Google Translate. A list of all supported languages will be below.
  • Free Video Background DLC  - Video backgrounds have been moved to DLC for those who are interested in changing the look of iVIBRATE
  • Free Steering Wheel Support DLC  - Steering Wheel Support is back...again, this time in DLC form for those who are interested in taking their Steering Wheel for a ride!
  • Updated Steam Manager  - Steam Manager has been updated to work better and cut down on load times.
  • Updated Button Icons  - Button icons have been updated in the Settings section.
  • Updated UI backend  - UI buttons and backend systems have been updated to a newer version.
  • Updated Save System  - Save system has been updated to work even faster!
  • New Startup Screen  - New startup screen for new and old users. Allows you to access the important things upfront and you get a nice message from me :)
  • DLC List/DLC Backend  - New DLC List on the main menu shows what DLC is currently installed. DLC backend implemented so the new free DLC works.
  • Player Switching  - Switching between players is now handled differently and should result in less issues.
  • UI Adjustments  - Overall UI adjustments to handle the new localization better.

Localized Languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Arabic
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Swedish
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Ukrainian
  • French
  • German
  • Bulgarian
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Patch v3.07a


  • New Dark Mode Background  - No longer are you blinded by the light! iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition now defaults to the dark mode background.
  • Fixed Quit Button  - The quit button on the play screen has been fixed.
  • UI Adjustments  - Main menu logo adjustments along with background toggle adjustments under video settings.
  • Demo Updates  - Overall performance update, demo info updated, updated demo background; will now correctly set to default background.

Patch v3.07


  • Removed Steering Wheel Support  - Steering Wheel Support has been removed due to too many compatibility issues with too many people. However if you are still after Steering Wheel Support it is still accessible via Beta's. Go to your Steam Library > Right click iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition > Properties > Betas > From the dropdown select "v3.06 - iVIBRATE v3.06 - Steering Wheel Support"
  • Mode Selection Bug  - Mode Selection is no longer a feature of iVIBRATE as it was replaced with the Motor Sliders, however you were still able to use it via the gamepad, this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed Steam Achievement  - The "Vibration Code" achievement has been fixed to reflect the code it was inspired by. So the A & B have been switched around to be in the correct order.
  • Updated Rewired Input System  - Rewired Input System has been updated.

Patch v3.06 & v3.05


  • v3.05 - Takeover Studios  - Takeover Studios and Kink Master Studios are the same person, me ;) , but Takeover Studios will be the main name I will be releasing new apps & games under. Nothing will change with anything Kink Master Studios related as all adult games will still be released under KMS. Just when non adult games are released they will be released exclusively under Takeover Studios.
  • v3.05 - UI Updates & Tips Section  - UI changes and Tips section updates to make things a bit more clear.
  • New Motor Sliders  - New sliders replace both the motor selection and strength! You now have total control over each motor and its strength allowing for more control over your gamepads vibration than ever before!
  • New Controls  - Take control of these new sliders with new controls. Hold the modifier buttons to control each motor independently right from your gamepad!
  • Updated Gamepad Support  - You now have the ability to drag using the gamepad cursor! This includes any sliders in the app, like the new Motor Sliders or even the resolution & framerate cap settings.
  • New Main Menu System  - iVIBRATE finally has a proper menu. This should help declutter the main iVIBRATE window so you can concentrate on what's important.
  • Bug Fixes  - Fixes to the FPS counter not working on restart and the quit quick feature not working correctly.
  • Steering Wheel Support Update  - Some people may have had issues with the last update, this seemed to be due to the Logitech SDK always being on. This has now moved to a toggle in Settings > Controls. This should fix any issues that were caused by this in v3.04.
  • New Old Backgrounds  - If you have been around long enough you would know iVIBRATE has gone through a lot of changes since its initial release. So here are some throwback backgrounds to celebrate all the changes!
  • Updated Tips  - Tip sections have been updated to reflect changes made to iVIBRATE.


Takeover Studios.


iMASSAGE Gold Edition Demo Win v3.09c 160 MB
Jan 21, 2022
iMASSAGE Gold Edition Demo MacOS v3.09c Intel64 & Apple Silicon 308 MB
Jan 21, 2022
iMASSAGE Gold Edition Demo Linux 174 MB
Jan 21, 2022
iMASSAGE Gold Edition Win v3.09c 160 MB
Jan 21, 2022
iMASSAGE Gold Edition MacOS v3.09c Intel64 & Apple Silicon 308 MB
Jan 21, 2022
iMASSAGE Gold Edition Linux v3.09c 174 MB
Jan 21, 2022

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