Vibration Companion v1.0

Vibration Companion v1.0 is availble now!

Bring new life to old (and new) games by adding vibration to your gamepad with many features including

  • Vibration Strength - Choose the vibration strength of each button
  • Motor Selection - Individually choose between low, high or both motors
  • Vibration Toggle - Toggle the vibration of your gamepad
  • Increase Over Time - Increase the strength of vibration over time
  • Decrease Over Time - Decrease the strength of vibration over time
  • Start Delay - Delay when to start vibration
  • End Delay - Delay when to end vibration
  • Gamepad Tester - Test all buttons to make sure your gamepad is working
  • Automatic Gamepad Detection - Vibration Companion automatically detects which gamepad you are using


Vibration Companion 155 MB
Dec 30, 2021
Vibration Companion Demo 155 MB
Dec 30, 2021

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