Vibration Companion v1.01

Vibration Companion v1.01 is live now!

Features & improvements include:

  • Updated Backend  - Updated Unity project version to get the latest features, loading system, save system, UI menu system, Rewired Input system & more.
  • New Feedback Form  - There is now a feedback/bug report form that is accessible from the main menu. Leave feedback or bug reports to help improve Vibration Companion!
  • Unity Cloud Builds  - Vibration Companion builds have now moved to Unity Cloud builds allowing for better and more consistent builds.
  • Demo Updates  - Vibration Companion Demo has been updated to reflect latest updates
  • Non-Steam Editions Updated  - Non-Steam Editions have been updated to reflect latest updates
  • Imported Steam Integration  - Steam integration has been set up but currently not ready for release. Will be available in future updates.

Plans for the future include more features for the base version of Vibration Companion, new features for the Upgrade Pack and a new planed DLC. No ETA on when these will happen but hopefully in a timely manner. (In other words much sooner than it took for this update to come out, sorry for the delay!)


Takeover Studios.


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May 01, 2022
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May 01, 2022

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