Online Content Manager v1.0 Full Release

Online Content Manager v1.0 is in full release and live now!

v1.0 Features:

  • 450 Links - Current support for 450 links allows you to save links to all of your favourite online content!
  • 3 Renamable Sections - Customise the way you use OCM by naming each section to whatever you like. Each section contains 150 links (15 pages) per section allows you to keep your collection organised.
  • Pages System - With 15 pages per section, easily scroll through these pages with the buttons or click the indicator dots to jump directly to a page!
  • Titles & Tags - Give each link a title and up to 3 tags to organise your collection!
  • Copy to clipboard or Open in tab - Copy the link of your favourite online content straight to the clipboard to paste in your browser or open the link straight into a new tab. The choice is yours!
  • Favourites System - Favourite any link in your collection to easily identify your absolute favourites! Favourites are split into sections and can be accessed from any section!
  • Optional Password - You now have the option to add a password to OCM on start up. Allowing you to protect all your links!
  • Search System - Easily find your links! Search through all links in a section to find what you are looking for!
  • Improved Discreteness - Loading screens have been updated to not include the name of the app or what it is. With the use of the optional password, OCM protects your links!
  • Improved Accessibilities - The Accessibilities backend has been completely reworked to provide a smoother and more stable experience with increased in-app performance!

MacOS & Linux versions of the app require more testing but should be available in the next day or two!


Thunderous Wizard Studios.


OCM Windows Demo v1.0 47 MB
Apr 05, 2021
OCM Windows v1.0 47 MB
Apr 05, 2021

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