OCM Update v2.07 (& v2.04, v2.05, a, b, c & d, v2.06)

Online Content Manager v2.07 is live now!

Features & improvements include:

  • New Cancel Button (Updated Clear Button)  - New cancel button allows you do undo all changes that have been made. The new clear button (trash can icon) will clear all data in that link but can be cancelled to undo changes or saved to clear.
  • New Cut/Paste Info  - When editing a link you now have the ability to cut all info in that link and paste it in any other link! This will allow you to move all info from a link to a new link or even a new link in a new section!
  • 'Enter' Key on Search  - When using the search bar you can now press 'Enter' to start the search. Search bar also now clears after finishing the search!
  • 'Tab' Key for Next Field  - When editing a link you can now press 'Tab' to go to the next field.
  • Carat Fix  - When editing some links the carat (blinking line) would not show, it now does!
  • Text Updates  - Text on links, buttons and fields have been updated to be easier to read.
  • Button Visibility Updates  - Links that are empty no longer show all buttons. Only links that contain info will show the buttons making it easier to see what links have info. This also applies to search results.
  • Deletion Bug Fix  - Deleting info in Passwords/Quick Links sometimes would not work correctly, it now does!
  • Favourites Toggle Update  - Favourites toggle has been updated to a nice heart <3 . Favourites section icon has been updated to reflect this change
  • Loading Screen Update  - Loading Screen background has been fixed.
  • Accessibilities Restart Icon  - Restart Icon has been fixed.
  • Go To Button on Search Fix  - The Go To button on the first search the user made would not appear on links, it now appears correctly!
  • Link Button Placement Adjustments  - Adjustments to the buttons of all links have been made to accommodate the new Cancel, Cut & Paste buttons.
  • Fixed Search Button  - Search Button now correctly stops animation when nothing in search bar.
  • OCM DLC Text Update  - The Online Content Manager DLC text has been updated to indicate that it is just a free visual alteration DLC.
  • Bug Report Fix  - Bug report has been fixed and updated. Will now upload screenshot correctly. Updated text to inform user to PLEASE include details when using the bug report form.

OCM Update v2.06


  • Updated Backend - Updated Unity project version to get the latest features, updated Steam integration, loading system, save system and accessibility colour picker.
  • New Feedback Form - There is now a feedback/bug report form that is accessible from the main menu. Leave feedback or bug reports to help improve OCM!
  • New MacOS Builds - MacOS builds are now consolidated to just one build, no need to choose between Intel64 or Apple Silicon, the new version will work for both!
  • Unity Cloud Builds - OCM builds have now moved to Unity Cloud builds allowing for better builds (such as the new MacOS builds).
  • Demo Updates - OCM Demo has been updated to reflect latest updates
  • Non-Steam Editions Updated - Non-Steam Editions have been updated to reflect latest updates

    OCM Update v2.05d


    • Save File Fixed! - When updating the project from v2.02 to 2.03 the password on the save file was changed, causing major issues. This has been permanently resolved. Whether you are using a save file before v2.02 or during v2.03 - v2.05, all save files will now work correctly no matter which one you are using. Sorry to everyone who has been affected. This will not happen again.

    OCM Update v2.05b & v2.05c


    • Login/Password reset fix - If you fail your password too many times, the reset button was not working. This has been updated and fixed.
    • Save File Fix - When updating the project from v2.02 to 2.03 the password on the save file was changed, causing major issues. This has been resolved. If you created a save file between versions 2.03 & v2.05 you save files will no longer work and will have to reset OCM. I am very sorry for this inconvenience and this should not happen again.

    OAM Update v2.05a


    • Login/Password hotfix - if there was no login/password data you could not get past the login screen. This has been fixed.

    OCM Update v2.05


    • Steam Integration Changes - Steam integration is now properly initialized during the load screen.
    • Login/Password screen updates - Login/Password screen now happens before it loads. No more double loading if it was enabled.
    • DLC handling updates - DLC is now handled differently to improve loading (and hopefully fixing black screen issues). DLC will now be loaded during the loading screen and initialized correctly in the main scene.

    OCM Update v2.04


    • Steam Integration - Steam integration has been updated, now using an improved system to talk with the Steam API.
    • Steam Achievements Fixed - Some Steam achievements that were broken and not unlocking correctly are now fixed. Stats for the two timed achievements are now updating values correctly. All achievements are now working, unlocking and updating correctly.
    • Login/password fix - If you were to enable the login/password screen without input a password you could not log back in locking OCM and having to reset it. This has now been fixed. You can now have the login/password screen without putting in a password.
    • Black Screen Update - Some people were experiencing a black screen when starting up OCM (including myself), this seems to have fixed itself sometime during one of the recent updates. If anyone comes across this again please let me know so I can try to fix the issue permanently.


     Kink Master Studios.

  • Files

    Online Content Manager Windows v2.07 135 MB
    Jun 26, 2022
    Online Content Manager MacOS v2.07 140 MB
    Jun 26, 2022
    Online Content Manager Linux v2.07 131 MB
    Jun 26, 2022
    Online Content Manager Demo Windows v2.07 135 MB
    Jun 26, 2022
    Online Content Manager Demo MacOS v2.07 140 MB
    Jun 26, 2022
    Online Content Manager Demo Linux v2.07 131 MB
    Jun 26, 2022

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