OCM v2.03

Online Content Manager v2.03 is live!

This is a huge update that brings the Online Content Manager fully up to date and now includes a Steam Key with your purchase!

 Online Content Manager is now an alteration to the popular Online Adult Content Manager, made safe and available for everyone!

Below will be a list of all updates, features and improvements that are now available in Online Content Manager v2.03!

Patch v2.03


  • Updated Backend  - OACM has been updated to the latest Unity build, allowing for better support and newer features.
  • Updated Builds for all platforms  - MacOS builds are 64 bit and will now work in mono for Intel64 as well as Apple Silicon. Windows & Linux builds are 64 bit using mono.
  • Localization Updates  - Localization updated and fixed, now working correctly.
  • Online Content Manager DLC  - Non adult conversion of OACM coming soon!
  • Backend error fixes  - Backend errors, if the user did not have some DLC, has been fixed.
  • Demo Update  - Demo has been updated to reflect these updates.

Patch v2.02a


  • MacOS DLC Bug - MacOS DLC bug is fixed, DLC will now be found and load correctly.

Patch v2.02


  • Updated for new Local Content Manager DLC (Coming Soon) - OACM is now ready to handle the new Local Content Manager DLC when it releases.
  • Czech Language Fix  - Czech language has been fixed and working correctly.
  • MacOS x64  - OACM has been updated to 64-bit for MacOS, allowing it to work on the latest MacOS's.
  • Browser Setup Update  - Updated browser setup description with buttons to Steam & video guides on how to set it up.
  • Tips Updated  - Info on how the Local Content Manager DLC opens up more URL functionality.
  • DLC Links  - DLC text now has links to appropriate Steam DLC pages.

Patch v2.01


  • 29 Localized Languages  - All languages supported by Steam are now localized in Online Adult Content Manager! All languages other than English were translated with Google Translate. A list of all supported languages will be below.

Localized Languages

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Arabic
  • Czech - There is a bug with this language in the "Tips & Troubleshooting" section that will be fixed next patch.
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Swedish
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Ukrainian
  • French
  • German
  • Bulgarian
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Patch v2.0c


  • DLC List Bug Fix  - DLC that has been downloaded is now shown correctly in DLC List.
  • Favourites Links Extension DLC Bug Fix  - Fixed issue with DLC not showing new pages/links correctly.
  • Demo Startup Screen  - Demo Startup Screen now showing correctly.

Patch v2.0b


  • DLC List  - DLC List is now active to show the new optional DLC coming to OACM!
  • Accessibilities Toggles  - Toggles now have animation when colour picker is open, click the toggle again to hide the colour picker.
  • Spelling Error  - Fixed spelling error in startup screen.

Patch v2.0a


  • Backend Setup for Future  - New features coming soon!
  • Updated FPS Counter  - FPS counter is more stable to show a better reading of current FPS.
  • QoL Save Links  - You can now edit multiple links and change page or change section and it will save all current links that are being edited.
  • QoL Favourites Limit  - You will now be warned that the favourites section is full and you can no longer favourite a link without unfavouriting another link first.
  • QoL Favourite Empty Link  - Can no longer favourite a completely empty link
  • Fixed Favourites issue - You can now favourite your links again and empty links will not favourite as intended.

Patch v2.0


v2.0 is a full redesign of OACM to fix its biggest issues. This meant redesigning all of the back end from the ground up to deliver a faster, smoother and more streamlined experience.

  • Increased Performance  - No need to wait 20+ seconds for OACM to load, no more performance dips when saving or loading data. An overall huge increase to performance to get what you need fast.
  • New Menu System  - OACM has a new main menu system, allowing you to get where you want quicker and easier.
  • Updated Link Layouts  - Link layouts and sizing has been adjusted to allow you to see the important parts easier.
  • New Search System  - Refine your search results by title, URL or tags! Searching for your links is now faster than ever. The Search System now allows you to individually search every section. Searching is no longer case sensitive!
  • New Favourites System  - The new Favourites tab allows you to favourite any link from the 3 main sections into the new Favourites section.
  • Expanded Quick Links & Passwords  - Save even more of you links and passwords with expanded storage! Quick Links now have up to 140 available links while you can now save up to 100 passwords!
  • Private Browser Setup  - You now have the ability to make OACM open all your links in a private browser, no more opening up your links in your default browser!
  • Updated Tips  - Updated tips with all new features and privacy concerns.
  • Save Data Converter  - For those moving from v1.03 to v2.0 to bring all of their old data into the new and improved OACM v2.0!

Patch v1.03


  • Password Manager  - Save passwords & usernames for up to 15 of your favourite sites.
  • Quick Links  - Save up to 24 of your favourite sites with the ability to copy the URL or open directly from the app!
  • Updated UI  - Adjustments to UI sizing and changed icons, such as the Favourites toggles.
  • Updated Page Backend  - Pages backend has been updated to show animations between pages to improve UX
  • Steam Cloud  - Steam Cloud has been implemented! All of your links are now backed up to the Steam Cloud, no need to worry about losing your favourite links ever again! You should also be able to switch between Windows, MacOS & Linux and have all of your links synced across all platforms.
  • Steam Achievements  - 11 Steam achievements have been added to OACM!
  • Updated Demo  - Updates made to the demo to improve UX and show new features.

Patch v1.02


  • Purple Text Bug - Purple text bug that was present when no save file was found has been fixed.
  • Indicator Bug  - Indicators not being clickable past the 4th page now fixed, all indicators now can be clicked and work correctly.
  • Dyslexia Toggle Bug  - Dyslexia/show on startup toggles fixed, no longer turns the other toggles off.
  • Accessibilities Colour Alpha  - Colours for the background, text, buttons, toggles & switches alpha property now saves and loads correctly.
  • Updated Password Screen  - Password screen has been updated with new text to fix low resolution text, updated sizing and layout of the screen.
  • Fixed "Button Colour" Issue  - Changing the button colour now works correctly, changing the colour of buttons, toggles & switches. To apply this colour to all buttons, toggles & switches in the app the app needs to be restarted. This can now also be done with the restart button under the button colour switch.

Patch v1.01


  • Copy to Clipboard Notification  - Visual notification that the URL has been copied to the clipboard.
  • UX Improvements  - Buttons/toggles have been adjusted for ease of use. Sizes increased, animations added & more streamlined editing/saving
  • Text Resolution  - Text while editing resolution has been fixed.
  • Updated Video Settings  - New Vsync options, framerate cap & reset video options.
  • Resolution/Full screen issue  - Resolution bug has been fixed, resolution now saves correctly and correctly defaults to default resolution when no prior settings have been found. Full screen bug has also been fixed.
  • Menu Bug  - Switching between Settings and the main screen crash has been fixed.
  • Search Bar Improvements  - No longer searches when input field is empty, updated text & improved search button.
  • Updated Tips  - Now includes tips for MacOS & Linux users. Updated tips layout.
  • Updated Favourites  - Added close button to Favourites for ease of use.
  • Updated Troubleshooting  - Added Steam discussions link.
  • Updated "Clear Links"  - Notification of links clearing, now able to cancel clearing of links.
  • Improved in app performance  - Switching between sections should be smoother and less PC intensive, same between pages.


Takeover Studios.


OCMD v2.03 Win 134 MB
Feb 12, 2022
OCMD MacOS v2.03 Intel64 & Apple Silicon 200 MB
Feb 12, 2022
OCMD Linux v2.03 131 MB
Feb 13, 2022
OCM v2.03 Win 134 MB
Feb 13, 2022
OCM MacOS v2.03 Intel64 & Apple Silicon 200 MB
Feb 13, 2022
OCM Linux v2.03 131 MB
Feb 13, 2022

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